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by Lee, May 29, 2016 , In Family photo video

Oliver & Ava

Meet Oliver and his “girlfriend” Ava.

They were just too cute together and were a joy to spend time with. Oliver is probably going to keep appearing on here a lot and I’m looking forward to watching him grow! This was also the first family session where I included a short film like I do now with weddings and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of them over the summer.

Oliver & Ava-1 Oliver & Ava-7 Oliver & Ava-11 Oliver & Ava-13 Oliver & Ava-15 Oliver & Ava-17 Oliver & Ava-18 Oliver & Ava-20 Oliver & Ava-28 Oliver & Ava-31 Oliver & Ava-33 Oliver & Ava-37 Oliver & Ava-46 Oliver & Ava-47 Oliver & Ava-48 Oliver & Ava-49

Thanks for having me Shellie, I hope you like them ! xx