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by Lee, June 5, 2016 , In Family photo video

The Manion Family

This session was a lot of fun! The whole session was at the Manion families home and it was perfect.

I got to see the snail Connor has been looking after, check out the playhouse at the bottom of the garden, climb in the secret den (which I also climbed as I am a child!), see ALL of Connor’s Lego, play with Louis on the slide, see Layla riding her balance bike, it was super busy and made for an awesome session. I’m looking forward to doing it again some time! 🙂

Manion Family-1 Manion Family-2 Manion Family-3 Manion Family-5 Manion Family-6 Manion Family-7 Manion Family-8 Manion Family-10 Manion Family-11 Manion Family-14 Manion Family-16 Manion Family-17 Manion Family-18 Manion Family-20 Manion Family-22 Manion Family-23 Manion Family-24 Manion Family-25

Thanks for having me Karen & Darren, it was a pleasure!