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by Lee, October 15, 2016 , In Harrisons


This section is dedicated to my three children and the story of their life. It is my personal project idea that started my whole business, and it will serve as a permanent record for me and my family to look back on over the years.

The aim is to publish a monthly update with a minimum of 5 images and a 15 second film clip. Sometimes there may be more, but never less! Over their lives I will do longer films with sections from this to make a story of their life, exactly the same as I would for repeat clients with their day in the life sessions, only mine are going to be a lot more often.

Now I am going to be publishing this I have to stick to it! haha

P.S. The story will start with Axyl being 6, Enzo 5 and Immy 3, as the opportunity for this project to start has only just come around. Kids, I love you! xx


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