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by Lee, May 26, 2015 , In weddings

Chloe & Lee – The Secret Garden, Doncaster

Chloe & Lee’s wedding has to be the most relaxed wedding I have ever had the pleasure of working at yet! They were both just so chilled, which is even more incredible knowing that they didn’t have bouquets and other bits the day before! The relaxed vibe suited them both down to the ground though, and it was a perfect reflection of them and what matters to them both. They have to be one of the coolest couples I have ever met, and I’m so glad I got to document their day for them.

They had an outdoor ceremony at The Secret Garden, a small venue on the outskirts of Doncaster which I have never been to until this wedding, and I now hold it as one of my favourite venues I have ever worked at. It is incredibly pretty, and the staff are great too! Here are a few images from the day…

Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-1 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-2 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-6 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-7 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-9 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-10 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-13 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-14 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-15 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-16 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-17 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-19 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-20 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-21 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-22 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-23 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-26 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-27 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-28 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-30 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-32 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-35 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-36 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-39 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-40 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-42 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-44 Doncaster_wedding_Chloe_Lee-46


Thank you Chloe & Lee for letting me be a part of your day. You both looked incredible and so obviously happy together! I hope you like the images. Lee, I will see you at Sacred Ink for some work soon!


Venue: The Secret Garden


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